NEMA 4X Outdoor Power Enclosure Air Conditioner With PDU EMS

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Origin:  China                                        Brand Name: BETE
Model Number: BT9090180P              Certification: ISO9001

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Minimum Order Quantity:  1PC
Delivery Time:   15woking days
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Outdoor telecom cabinet is equipped with DC48V telecom air conditioner

BT909018010P Outdoor Telecom Enclosure


1.Outdoor Power Enclosure Instructions

 Outdoor power enclosure provides flexible size options, offers the ideal enclosure solution to build the whole base station inside. The cabinets system can support Electrical equipments, UPS, PDU, Backup batteries, Mornitoring system and etc.It is made of the high-quality galvanized main material and coated with anti-ultraviolet powder, The outdoor power enclosure reach NEMA 4X protection level. It has various communication functions indoor and outdoor to meet different networking needs of operators.

2.Outdoor Power Enclosure Specification

 ItemsTypeTechnical Parameter
     1External dimensionsExternal Dimension optional :W*D*H 900*900*1800mm,
     2MaterialGalvanized steel /Stainless steel optional
     3StructureDouble wall heat insulation structure,The insulation material is 20mm PEF.
     4Heat InsulationThere are heat insulation between inner wall and outer wall.
     5Cooling systemAC220V air conditioner or DC48V fans
     6AccessoriesLithium battery,PDU, UPS, Monitor, Light, Alarm sensors(Based on request) PDU outlet. Monitor. Light. Alarm. Sensor (Based on request)
     7Alarm SensorsWater sensor, Door sensor, Smoke sensor, Temperature sensor and Humidity sensor
     8LampDC48V LED lamp
     9Protection levelIP55
    10Flame retardanceComply with GB5169.7 test A
    11Switching Mode Power SupplyAvailable upon request
    12TemperatureWorking Temperature:-40°C ~ +55°C
Storage Temperature:-50°C ~ + 70°C
Transport Temperature:-50°C ~ +70°C
    13PackageWooden case with pallets

3.Outdoor Power Enclosure Features

  • Highly stable and rigid construction
  • The cabinet is dustproof, sunproof and rainproof, which is used in outdoor environment.
  •  Good quality galvanized steel or stainless steel
  •  The cabinet includes 19” standard installation rack.
  • Optional accessaries:The cabinets system can support Electrical equipments, UPS, PDU, Backup  batteries, Mornitoring system and etc.
  • Siching mode power supplies are available upon request.
  • The cabinet cooling uses air conditioner and fans.
  • Including -48VDC illumination lamp.
  •  The layout of the cabinet is reasonable, which will facilitate cable access, fixing and grounding. At the bottom of the cabinet, there are entrance holes individually for power cable, signal cable and optical cable.
  • All the cables, sealing and heat insulation used in the cabinet are made from flame retardant materials,which comply with GB5169.7 test A
  • Surface treatment: degreasing, derusting, rustproof phosphating (or galvanizing), powder coated.
  • NEMA 4X protection level.

4.Outdoor Power Enclosure Introductions

4.1 Cable Inlet 

  • External cables and feeder cable all use bottom wiring method.

4.2 Components Installation

  • LED lamp, smoke sensor and door sensor are installed at the top of the cabinet.
  • Environment Monitoring Unit and PDU are installed on 19” rack.
  • Air Conditioner and fans are installed on the door of the cabinet.

4.3 Theft Proof Design

  • Three Point Door lock theft proof design:Damage resistance of the theft proof lock meets GA/T 73-1994 “Mechanical Anti-theft Lock” class B requirement, supporting padlock. 

4.4  Connection and Fastening

  • Use anti-loose threaded connection as structure and bearer connection. Anchor bolt for fixing cabinet use hot dip galvanized bolts.
  • Door hinges use inner hinge mode.

4.Outdoor Power Enclosure Picture

NEMA 4X Outdoor Power Enclosure Air Conditioner With PDU EMS

Outdoor Power Enclosure

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