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5G Coming, Small Base Station Ushered in The Big Era

With the continuous expansion of 5G business, user’s desire for 5G network signal coverage is also rapidly upgrading. Because 5G uses a high frequency band, which is spread between 2515 MHz and 4900 MHz. And the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength, the weaker the diffraction ability. There are obstacles, the radiation range will […]

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What is the Ik grade standard?

What is IK grade Standard IK grade refers to the equipment shell anti-impact protection level, usually IK and IP protection requirements are present together, for outdoor electronic equipment, whether it is overhead, buried or ordinary outdoor placement, need to have the corresponding IP, IK requirements, IK level is the joule unit of the swing hammer […]

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IP protection rating

IP is an acronym for Ingress Protection. The IP rating is the needle bai for electrical equipment housing stoking foreign body du, the zhi source is the International Electrotechnical Commission standard IEC 60529. This standard in dao 2004 was also adopted as the United States national standard .   In this standard, for the protection of […]

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