Communications Cabinet Solutions

Communications Cabinet Solutions

Communications Cabinet Solutions

With the global attention to energy consumption, the competitive pressure of operators is increasing, and it is necessary to continuously reduce TCO, while the land price, rent and electricity bill are constantly rising, which brings great challenges to the profitability and cost competitiveness of operators.With the continuous expansion of operators’ networks, the number of base stations is increasing, and the energy consumption is increasing, so operators urgently need to reduce the unit energy consumption.Moreover, with the gradual improvement of network coverage and the improvement of people’s living standards, there is a contradiction between the high density of network coverage and the requirements of health, which makes it more difficult for operators to select and build base stations.All these require operators to build more energy-saving, land-saving and green communication networks.The BETE communication outdoor standardized cabinet provides a good solution.

The standardized cabinet solution of BETE communication outdoor base station is a brand-new site installation scheme and product. It inherits the accommodation characteristics of traditional computer room and outdoor cabin and has the characteristics of good flexibility, high integration and fine temperature control of outdoor cabinet. Compared with traditional computer room, it has the advantages of miniaturization, energy saving, rapid deployment and smooth expansion.Compared with the traditional machine room, the outdoor standardized cabinet reduces the floor area by more than 70%, saves the energy consumption of temperature control by 50% ~ 85%, and saves the deployment time by about 80%.The scheme includes equipment compartment and battery compartment, which can be flexibly configured according to the requirements of the station.

Small and medium capacity distributed base station solution

Outdoor standardized cabinet schemes for small stations in indoor distributed base stations include: outdoor standardized cabinet (single cabinet), embedded power supply, storage battery, BBU equipment and transmission equipment, and RRU is located outside the antenna.The total power consumption of the system is 400W~1000W, the batteries are configured according to 10-hour backup, and two groups of 100Ah/12V or 150Ah/12V batteries can form a base station with a single cabinet, which covers an area of about 1 m2, and the maintenance space is about 2.5 m2, saving an area of 90%.

As shown in Figure 1, two groups of batteries are placed at the bottom of the cabinet, embedded power supply and transmission equipment are built in the middle of the cabinet, and BBU equipment is placed at the upper part of the cabinet.The battery compartment at the bottom of the cabinet can be cooled by TEC, air conditioner or fan according to the difference of external ambient temperature.The equipment on the upper part of the cabinet can be cooled by fans, heat exchangers or air conditioners according to different external environments.


Medium and large capacity base station solution

Medium and large capacity base stations can be composed of outdoor standardized cabinets and double cabinets. Built-in equipment includes: outdoor standardized cabinets (double cabinets), transmission equipment, BBU equipment or BTS equipment, and embedded power supply equipment.The total power consumption of the equipment is 1,000 W ~ 2,000 W, the batteries are configured according to 10-hour backup, a group of 300Ah/2V or 500Ah/2V batteries, and two cabinets form a base station, covering an area of about 2 m2, and the maintenance space is about 5 m2, saving an area of 80%.

As shown in Figure 2, the left cabinet is a battery cabinet, and the right cabinet is an equipment cabinet, where transmission equipment, BBU equipment /BTS equipment and embedded power supply equipment are placed. The equipment cabinet can use fans, heat exchangers or air conditioners to dissipate heat according to different external environments.

Communications Cabinet Solutions

Super macro station or co-station solution

For super macro Station or large base stations where 2G and 3G are co-located, outdoor standardized cabinets assembled by multiple cabinets can be adopted, which is composed of three or more cabinets, with larger internal space, which can meet the needs of 2G and 3G equipment co-located, and built-in BBU equipment, BTS equipment, transmission equipment, embedded power supply equipment, distribution frame, power distribution, etc.The total power consumption of the equipment is 2000W~5000W, and the batteries are configured according to 10-hour backup, with a group of 500Ah/2V or 600Ah/2V batteries.The outdoor base station consisting of three cabinets covers an area of about 3 m2, and the maintenance space is about 8 m2, saving about 70% of the floor area.

As shown in fig. 3, the outdoor standardized cabinet with three cabinets can be composed of one battery cabinet and two equipment cabinets, and all communication equipment can be built in. according to the temperature adaptability of the built-in equipment and the difference of external environment, fans, heat exchangers, TEC, air conditioners, etc. can be used to dissipate heat.

China Telecom Cabinet Solutions.

TCO analysis of outdoor standardized cabinet

Taking the double cabinets of a domestic operator as an example, the TCO analysis shows that the actual area of the double cabinets of the base station is 8 m2, and the equipment includes wireless equipment, power supply 200A, battery 600Ah, transmission and cooling system.

TCO analysis of the two site solutions is shown in table 1.The cost of computer room includes cabinet, civil engineering room and temperature control system, excluding the main equipment such as wireless, power supply and transmission built in the cabinet or computer room;Deployment costs include secondary handling and equipment installation costs;The load power consumption is 2000W, the temperature control system of the outdoor standardized cabinet is about 450W, and two 3P air conditioners are used for the air conditioner in the machine room, and the average price of electricity is 1.0 yuan/kwh;The land rent is calculated as 100 yuan/m2 per month.

From the information of the above actual stations, adopting outdoor standardized cabinets can save energy consumption, reduce floor space, realize rapid station building and flexible installation, and greatly reduce TCO.

In the future, with the development of a large number of new communication users, the continuous improvement of mobile bandwidth and the innovation of communication services, the demand for communication network construction will continue to be brought, which will further aggravate the pressure on operators to save energy, reduce emissions and reduce TCO.The outdoor standardized cabinet solution of BETE Communication can meet the multiple requirements of energy saving, land saving, material saving and environmental protection at the same time, reduce CO2 emission and TCO, and achieve the win-win goal of social efficiency and economic benefit.