What is the rack in the data center?

What is the rack in the data center?

What is a data center server rack

The data center server rack is mainly used to accommodate data center IT equipment, such as servers, memories, hubs and network switches, aiming at improving the efficiency of data center network management and operation. What are the types of server racks in the data center?

(1) Open server rack The open server rack of data center has no door and installation guide rail, which is an open structure, which not only provides convenience for installation, but also provides sufficient open space for cable management, and is an ideal choice for network distribution frame and high-density optical fiber distribution frame applications. At present, there are two basic types of open server racks: 2-port rack and 4-port rack. The advantage of 2-port rack is that it can install deeper equipment, while the advantage of 4-port rack is that it can bear heavier equipment.

(2) Wall-mounted rack The wall-mounted rack mainly carries network equipment such as optical fiber distribution frames and switches, and its design is mainly installed on the wall, which can effectively save the floor space. It should be noted that because of its small size, it cannot bear excessive weight and cannot provide the same safety as a closed rack. If you want to place a rack in your office or home, a wall-mounted rack is an economical choice.

The standard data center server rack generally matches the equipment size, and the width is usually 19 inches, but the height and depth are different. The height unit of the data center server rack is U, and 1U means 1.75 inches, while the width and depth are usually measured in standard units. At present, the most commonly used standard data center rack is 19 inches wide and 42U(73.5 inches) high. Flexibility and Manageability In order to realize a flexible and manageable wiring environment, enough free space should be reserved in the server rack after installing the equipment. At the same time, some data center server racks are also equipped with pulleys to facilitate the movement of racks. With more and more equipment being added to the data center, the server rack should have sufficient bearing capacity and capacity. The number of switches, cables, PDUs and overhead cable mounts should be considered when selecting racks. Cooling Efficiency Nowadays, the cooling cost of the data center is increasing, so it is important to choose the server rack of the data center with better cooling effect. Generally, a good server rack will be equipped with cooling management accessories or some other designs. At present, most rack doors are designed with at least 64% perforations to ensure air flow.

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