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Origin:  China                                        Brand Name: BETE
Model Number: BT909021010-E         Certification: ISO9001

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Delivery Time:   15woking days
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BT909021010-E Weatherproof 19 Inch Racked Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

External Dimension: H×W×D 900 mm × 900 mm × 2100 mm Layout of Weatherproof 19 Inch Racked: One Compartment
Inner Space: 42U Protection Level: IP55
Enclosure door One front door Material: Galvanized Steel, Single wall with heat insulation

Weatherproof 19 Inch Racked features

1.Telecom Cabinet Instructions

The outdoor telecom cabinet includes one compartment, including 19-inch rack used for equipment installation.  High performance cooling system uses 2 air conditioners: 300W and 1000W cooling capacity.which ensure the equipments operate normally at stable temperature range.It makes the service life of the equipments much longer and their performance more stable. The outdoor telecom cabinet can be used in wireless communication base station, such as a 4G system, communication/network integrated service, access/transmission switching station, etc.

2.Telecom Cabinet Features

  • The cabinet with IP55 protection level is dustproof, sunproof, and rainproof, especially suitable for the outdoor environment.
  • The cabinet uses two air conditioners as a cooling system, which can effectively reduce the temperature in the cabinet.
  • The layout of the cabinet is reasonable to facilitate cable access, fixing, and grounding. There are entrance holes individually for power cable, signal cable, and optical cable.
  • All the cables used in the cabinet are made from flame-retardant materials.
  • Access control, smoke, water immersion, temperature, humidity, and other comprehensive protection.
  • Professional outdoor powder spraying, and strong weather resistance.
  • Oil socket can connecting to Diesel generator for Emergency power supply.

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Weatherproof 19 Inch Racked

Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

3.Telecom Cabinet Technical Parameters

Item   Type  Technical Parameter
Structure External Dimension  W*D*H 900*900*2100mm
Layout 1 compartment
Internal Installation  19-inch rail 
Door With one front door, and three-point lock for outdoor cabinet (support padlock)
Material Galvanized steel,single wall with insulation
Heat Insulation There is heat insulation between the inner wall and the outer wall. The insulation material is 20mm PEF.
Ingress Protection IP55
Temperature Control Air Conditioners  1000W and 300W cooling capacity air conditioners,220VAC,installed on the front door.
Lighting LED lamp DC48V LED lamps
Temperature Temperature Working Temperature: -40°C ~ +55°C
Storage Temperature: -50°C ~ + 70°C
Transport Temperature: -50°C ~ +70°C
Humidity Relative Humidity 5% ~ 100%
Pressure Air Pressure 62kpa ~ 101kpa (similar to 0m ~ 5000m altitude)
Radiation Intensity Solar Radiation Intensity 1120 × (1±5%)W/m2

4.Telecom Cabinet Dimensions


Weatherproof 19 Inch Racked Dimension

Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Dimension

5.Telecom Cabinet Application

Weatherproof 19 Inch Racked Application

6. Telecom Cabinet Production

Weatherproof 19 Inch Racked

Cabinet Production

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1. High-Quality Materials
Adopting the components of world-famous brands.
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