Thermoelectric dehumidifier equipment for cabinet housings

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Origin:  China                                        Brand Name: BETE
Model Number: BT-TD060                     Certification: ISO9001

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Thermoelectric Dehumidifier device for enclosuresThermoelectric Dehumidifier device for enclosuresThermoelectric Dehumidifier device for enclosures

Thermoelectric Dehumidifier device for enclosures

The thermoelectric dehumidifying device is the ideal solution for cabinets in which condensation occurs due to changing climate and operating conditions. Thermoelectric Dehumidifier removes moisture from the air within an enclosure, providing an inexpensive yet highly effective way to protect electronic and electrical components from condensation.

Data Name Technical Data Data Name Technical Data
Working power AC220V Dehumidifying efficiency 450ml/day(under the working conditions of 60W 35℃ RH=80%)
Heating Power 50~500W Dehumidifying temperature 5℃~45℃
Power 30W,40W,60W Working temperature  -25℃~85℃
Humidity detection range 20% RH-98% RH Temperature detection range  -25℃~125℃
Dehumidify start value 45%RH~98%RH(Default setting 65%RH) Temperature start value 1℃~55℃(Default setting 8℃)
Humidity measuring accuracy ±3%RH Temperature measuring accuracy ±0.5℃
Display method Double 3 digit display Display Resolution 0.1
Shell material Aluminum Alloy Dimensions 115×67×210mm
Net Weight 1.8kg Drain line silica gel D10mm、L1.5m

The condensation inside the equipment caused by the climbing, flashing accidents, generally occur in the following cases: First, high humidity in the region, the temperature of the day temperature changes greatly, the bottom of the switch cabinet wet, some cable ditches even have water; The accident ensued. In order to ensure the safe operation of the power grid system, the long life of electrical equipment, safe and effective use, the power system on the cabinet moisture, anti-condensation put forward higher requirements.

Thermal dehumidifier equipment for indoor and outdoor cabinet housings.


indoor and outdoor cabinet housings.

Features of Dehumidifier

When the moist air is inhaled by the fan, through the specially designed air duct flow, first by the semiconductor cooler cooling dew, the cooling device under the action of gravity drop into the channel, and then by the guide pipe out of the cabinet. In the set start-up value after a full circulation dehumidification, so that the air humidity in the cabinet to fall below the dew point, complete the entire moisture-proof heating process. At the same time, intelligent dehumidification device signal acquisition sensor external, can be accurately collected in real time to the real humidity in the cabinet, to ensure that the intelligent dehumidification device in the cabinet will reach the condensing conditions in advance when the start of dehumidification.



Cabinet Application


The scope of application. 1, GIS control cabinets, high and low voltage switch cabinets, ring cabinets, outdoor terminal boxes, mechanical control cabinets, box substations, dry substations and other electrical equipment; 2, integrated circuits, silicon crystals, liquid crystal devices, ceramic devices, capacity-resisting components, active devices, plug-ins, SMD devices, CPU, computer board moisture storage; 3, physical and chemical instruments, experimental materials, insulation materials moisture-proof management, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, fiber, biological agents moisture-proof storage.


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