PDU Socket For Cabinet 8 Way PDU 10A Lightning Protection Plug

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Origin: China Brand Name: BETE
Model Number: A05L-8L Certification: ISO9001

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1PC
Delivery Time: 15woking days
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8 Way PDU 10A PDU Socket For Cabinet

1.PDU Instructions

1)PDU is designed to provide power distribution for cabinet-mounted electrical equipment.
2)PDU Provides the right rack-to-rack power distribution solution for different power environments with different features, installation methods, and a wide range of specifications for different plug combinations.
3)PDU can make power distribution in the cabinet more neat, reliable, safe, professional, and aesthetically pleasing.
4)PDU can make the maintenance of power in the cabinet more convenient and reliable.


PDU Socket For Cabinet


2.PDU Socket Parameters

PDU Name Lightning-proof socket Model A05L-8L
Rated power consumption 2500W Series German style
Rated power 220VAC, 50/60Hz Number of socket holes 8
Rated current 16A Types of plug European standard plug
Shell material T5 aluminium alloy Color Black
Material conductor Phosphor bronze Cable specification 3G1.5 mm²
Size 19 inch Length of power cable 2m / 3m
Customized Yes Function With switch

3.PDU Series

8 Way PDU 10A Lightning Protection Plug 3 Indicators PDU Socket For Cabinet

8 Way PDU 10A Lightning Protection Plug 3 Indicators PDU Socket For Cabinet

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4.PDU Features

PDU can meet the different needs of multi-use output socket and IEC output socket with the world’s standard power outlet hole module. It is suitable for the plugs of different imported instruments of different countries. (Different country plug standards, please check before purchase)
1) Can support two-way input, IEC socket input, product front panel input, product rear input, product end input, and other forms;
2) With a variety of specifications of the national standard, the new national standard, the British standard , the German standard, the United States standard, and the Indian standard;
3) Various specifications of the plug optional:10A, 16A, and industrial coupler and etc.

5.Easy Installation Performance

1) 19-inch standardized design, easy to install. The PDU can be secured with 2 screws;
2) According to the user’s needs, the PDU product can be adjusted 180 degrees installation, with a special L-shaped bend plate can also be implemented to adjust the PDU product 90 degrees installation;

6.Multi-circuit Protection Functions

1) Lightning strike, surge protection: maximum impact resistance current is 20KA or higher, and Limit voltage is 500V or lower,
2) Alarm protection
LED digital current display and full current monitoring with alarm function;
3) Filter protection
With filter protection, output ultra-stable pure power supply;
4) Overload protection
Bipolar overload protection, which can effectively prevent problems caused by overload;
5) Error-proof operation
PDU master switch ON/OFF with protective grille to prevent accidental closure while providing an optional dual-route .

7.Product Advantages

Comparing with ordinary power outlet, the advantage of PDU are as below:
1)More reasonable design and arrangements
2)More stringent quality and standards
3)Long safe and trouble-free working time
4)Better protection of all kinds of leakage, over- power edge-up
5)Frequently Plug-in action will not cause damage
6)mall heat warming
7)More flexible and convenient installation


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