Environmental Monitoring Unit Communication Room Data Collector

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Origin:  China                                        Brand Name: BETE
Model Number:BT8P10                     Certification: ISO9001

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Minimum Order Quantity:  1PC
Delivery Time:   15woking days
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Environmental Monitoring Unit

1.Environment Monitoring Unit Instructions

BT8P10 is a envirionmental monitoring unit designed for integrated network rooms that integrate UPS monitoring and extending power environment. Adopting the current popular 19-inch rack design style, and supporting 220V AC or 48V DC power supply . It also supports more than 12 switching volume detection, multi-relay control output and environmental temperature and humidity expansion.  With SMS monitoring and control functions and WeChat query alarm function, it will be  more secure and reliable to be  the best choice for modern unmanned aircraft room.

2. Environmental Monitoring Unit Features

  • 1U/19″- standard chassis, compact, suitable for a variety of cabinets, chassis
  • Industrial standard design, stable and reliable, can be in the environment of -20 degrees C to 70 degrees C 7 x 24h normal operation
  • With hardware watchdog circuit, never downtime
  • Easy installation, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection
  • Flexible power supply: AC: 220 to 264V, or DC: 12 to 48V (optional)
  • Supports more than 12 switching volume detection, multi-relay control output and ambient temperature and humidity expansion
  • There are matching sensors, users can choose the corresponding sensor according to their own needs
  • 10/100M Ethernet network communication
  • Supports 1 standard USB interface, allowing users to export and save the device’s operating data and alarm records via the USB interface.
  • Provide Json, snmp, modbus TCP and other interfaces for customer system to collect data.

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3. Parameters

Items Types Parameters
1 Power supply Optional: AC 220 input or DC 48V input
2 Exterior dimensions 423mm×223mm×45mm
3 Networking mode IP-based LAN, WAN, Internet, ADSL, E1, Wireless Ethernet, etc
4 Real-time system clock Can set UPS timing on/off, battery timing discharge, etc.
5 Alarm log and historical data Record UPS alarms for analysis
6 SNMP MIB Support for MIB-II(RFC1213, RFC1315, RFC1316), UPS MIB (RFC1628), XPPC MIB
7 communication method RS232 real-time communication or RS485 bus networking
8 Configuration mode Support Telnet, Terminal (super terminal), WWW(Web browser) and other configuration management methods
9 Operating environment Temperature: 10°C~ 55°C;;Humidity: 10 ~ 85%
10 Support network protocol TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, Telnet, SNTP, HTTP (upgrade HTTP protocol supports SSL connection), SMTP, DHCP, DNS, TFTP, ARP, ICMP, etc

4.Environment Monitoring Unit Interface Display

Outdoor telecommunications cabinet indoor computer room environmental monitoring unit - data acquisition unit smoke leakage sensor host

5.Environment Monitoring Unit Scenarios


Environmental Monitoring Unit Communication Room Data Collector


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