Embedded DC Power System ETP4890-A2 Made By China

Embedded DC Power System ETP4890-A2 Made By China. The system can be adapted to a wide range of AC input.

Product attributes
Origin:  China                                        Brand Name: HUAWEI
Model Number:ETP4890                     Certification: ISO9001

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Minimum Order Quantity:  1PC
Delivery Time:   15woking days
Payment Terms:   T/T, L/C, Western Union, PayPal

ETP4890-A2 Embedded DC Power System

1.Embedded Power System Description

Plug-in: the overall 2U, installation of the rectifier module space and monitoring module;
Monitoring unit: SMU01C
Input 220/380 three-phase, compatible with 220VAC single-phase, compatible with 110VAC dual fire line;
AC input range: 85-300V, 45-66HZ;
DC distribution: load branch open 1 road 10A/1P, 1 road 30A/1P, 2 road 40A/1P;
Battery branch road 1 road 80A (fuse);
3 R4830N2s can be configured;

2.Embedded Power System introduction

ETP4890-A2 embedded power supply system, ac input conversion to a stable 48V DC output, compatible with 15A, 30A rectifier module, output current of 90A. Each function unit is designed in a standardized size to support hot-swap, system height 2U, and a variety of installation methods such as standard 19-inch racks or embedded cabinets. The system can be adapted to a wide range of AC input, with intelligent battery management, remote management and other functions

3. Features

85 to 300VAC ultra-wide AC voltage input range
The operating temperature range of the rectifier module is up to -40 to 75 degrees C
Support for hot-swap technology, easy installation and maintenance
Standard installation structure design, versatility
Compact power supply saves space and installation costs
Efficient rectifier module efficiency of more than 96%, energy saving and emission reduction
Perfect module sleep function to further improve system efficiency
Intelligent battery management and battery protection to extend battery life
Supports environmental monitoring for remote management via dry contacts, serials or network interfaces.

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4.Technical Parameters

4.1System parameters
Dimensions: 442mm (W) x 255mm (deep) x 86.1mm (2U, high)
Weight: 10kg (full)
Cooling: Natural cooling
Installation: 19-inch rack or embedded cabinet installation
Line-by-line: forward line, front line
Maintenance mode: front operation, front maintenance, support for module-level replacement
Protection rating: IP20
4.2 AC power distribution
Input mode: Single-phase/three-phase/dual-fire
Input voltage: 220VAC/110VAC
frequency: 45 to 66Hz, rating: 50Hz/60Hz
Mineproof: 5kA/10kA, 8/20us
4.3 DC power distribution
Output voltage: 42 to 58V DC, rating: 53.5V DC
Power: 4.8kW (3 x 1600W)
Battery branch: 1 x 80A (empty)
Load branch: 1 x 10A (empty), 1 x 30A (empty), 2 x 40A (empty)
4.4 Environment
Operating ambient temperature: -40C to 70C
Storage temperature: -40C to 70C
Operating ambient humidity: 5% to 95% (no condensation)
Altitude: 0 to 4000m

5.System Pictures

Embedded DC Power System
Embedded DC Power System


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