42-inch Display Air Conditioning 600W Advertising Machine

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Origin: China Brand Name: BETE
Model Number: BTGA0600                Certification: ISO9001

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42-inch display air conditioning, 600W advertising machine air-conditioning sales

42-inch display air conditioning advertising machine

External Dimension: W*H*D 638*450*159mm Refrigerant R134a
Cooling Capacity 600W Voltage Rated AC220V
Protection Level: IP55 Weight 18,5Kg

1.42-inch display air conditioning

With the outdoor LCD advertising machine market gradually launched, more and more digital signage manufacturers, will look to the outdoor advertising machine market. The main difference between outdoor advertising machine and indoor products lies in the difference in the environment of use. Outdoors, you must consider wind and rain, summer sun, winter freezing. Therefore, in the heat dissipation, dust, moisture (water) and so on, the need for professional design.

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In order to achieve the view of the sun, the brightness of the outdoor advertising machine screen is generally more than 1500 nits, which means that the heat of the advertising machine increased, coupled with the sun’s radiation, so it needs to be equipped with a special cooling system. Industrial precision air conditioning as the most suitable for outdoor advertising machine environmental control system, with refrigeration and heating integrated functions,can make the internal working environment of advertising machine completely isolated from the outside, completely avoid the internal dust, humidity, to ensure that the outdoor advertising machine screen, motherboard, etc. are always in the best working environment, therefore, more and more advertising machine manufacturers are of all ages.

Common Problems:

However, if the improper use of advertising machine air conditioning, will not achieve the desired effect, according to our experience with many advertising machine manufacturers, found that the more common problems are:
1. Manufacturers because of the water resistance of air conditioning, will often leave the shell on the air conditioning outside the circulation of the air outlet to do very small, or the angle of the blinds is too large, resulting in effective ventilation area is not enough. This will lead to poor cooling of air conditioning, cooling capacity seriously discounted.
2. The internal and external circulation of air conditioning is not isolated, not only the cooling effect is poor, but also easy to cause dust accumulation, moisture problems.
3. Short-circuitous in the air outlet and return air outlet of the inner and outer cycles.

2. 42-inch display air conditioning

Item Name Parameter
Dimension and installation Body outline dimension W*H*D 638*450*159mm
Weight 18.5 kg
Environment and protection Working environment temperature -40 to +55℃
Noise 60 dB(A)
Life expectancy >10 Years
IP grade IP55
Refrigerant R134a
Performance Input voltage range 220 VAC±15% /50Hz
Refrigerating capacity(L35/L35) 600W
Rated Refrigerating input power(L35/L35) 350W
Rated Refrigerating current (L35/L35) 1.6A
Maximum Refrigerating current 2.4A
Heat capacity(optional) 500W
Air Volume of Inner Circulation 240m 3 /h

3.42-inch display air conditioning

42-inch display air conditioning, 600W advertising machine air-conditioning sales


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