1500W Air Conditioner 19 inch Rack Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

1500W Air Conditioner 19 inch Rack Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Floor mounted Batteries And Equipment. designed and produced by BETE.

Product attributes
Origin:  China                                        Brand Name: BETE
Model Number: BT9090210PW             Certification: ISO9001

Order information
Minimum Order Quantity:  1PC
Delivery Time:   15woking days
Payment Terms:   T/T, L/C, Western Union, PayPal

1500W Air Conditioner 19 inch Rack Outdoor Telecom Cabinet1500W Air Conditioner 19 inch Rack Outdoor Telecom Cabinet1500W Air Conditioner 19 inch Rack Outdoor Telecom Cabinet1500W Air Conditioner 19 inch Rack Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

BT909021001PW 1500W Air Conditioner 19 inch Rack Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

External Dimension:H×W×D 2100mm×900mm×900mmUse environment:Outdoor
Inner Space:40UProtection Level:IP55
Coating:Anti Corrosion Powder CoatingMaterial:Galvanized Steel

1500W Air Conditioner 19 inch Rack

1.Cabinet Instructions

BT909021001PW is an outdoor telecom cabinet designed and produced by BETE, which is made of high-quality galvanized steel,coated with anti-ultraviolet powder and with IP55 protection grade. The cabinet is equipped with a power system, lightning protection and grounding system, temperature control system, standby power system, lighting system, and transmission equipment installation space. It has various functions of indoor and outdoor communication and meets different networking needs of the operators.

2.Cabinet Features

  • The traditional machine room is miniaturized and compact;the the volume and floor area are reduced;
  • According to the characteristics of communication equipment, small power temperature control by the cabin, high efficiency and energy saving;
  • Short construction period, less land occupation, wider application scope, and lower construction cost;
  • Three-point anti-theft cabinet door lock, excellent lock hole protection device Perfect air duct design to avoid the mixed flow of hot and cold gas effectively;
  • Access control, smoke, water immersion, temperature, and humidity, knocking and other comprehensive protection;
  • Professional outdoor powder spraying, and strong weather resistance.

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3.Parameters of 1500W Air Conditioner 19 inch Rack

ItemsTypeTechnical Parameters
General ParametersDimensionExternal Dimension:H×W×D 2100×900×900
Layout2 Compartments
Equipment InstallationUpper part includes18U 19”rack;Lower part includes 2 battery layers
DoorOne front door with three-point anti-theft cabinet door lock (padlock supported)
MaterialGalvanized steel,1.5mm thick
Heat Insulation45mm EPS
Protection LevelIP55
Mounting TypeFloor mount, roof mount, wall mount optional
Cable InletsAt the bottom of the cabinet
Maintenance modeFront operation and maintenance
AC DistributionInput Voltage85VAC-300VAC,220VAC its rated value.
Input Frequency45~66Hz, 50Hz/60Hz is rated value
Input mode2×63A/3P air switch
Output mode20kA/40kA SPD,2×32A/1P MCB,3×16A/1P MCB,Maintenance socket
DC DistributionOutput voltage42~58VDC,53.5VDC is rated value
Output mode2×63A MCB,2×32A MCB,2×16A MCB
Temperature ControlColling SystemAn air conditioner with AC220V / 50Hz 1500W
Lighting LED lampLighting LED lamp48V LED lamps (immovable), with protective circuit breaker
TemperatureWorking Temperature-40°C ~ +65°C
Storage Temperature-50°C ~ +70°C
Transport Temperatur-50°C ~ +70°C
HumidityRelative Humidity5% ~ 95%
Pressure Air Pressure62kpa ~ 101kpa (similar to 0m ~ 5000m altitude)
Radiation IntensitySolar Radiation Intensity1120 ×(1±5%)W/m2

4.Cabinet Drawings


BT909021001PW Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Drawing Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

BT909021001PW Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

5.Cabinet Production

1500W Air Conditioner 19 inch Rack Production Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

1500W Air Conditioner 19 inch Rack

6.Reasons For Choosing Us

1. High-Quality Materials
Adopting the components of world-famous brands.
2. Exquisite Workmanship
With 10 years of industry experience, we have gathered a group of senior professional teams to continuously research and develop new products and take the lead in the communication industry.
3. On-Time Delivery
Seamless connection of production and supply chain to ensure timely delivery of products
4. Competitive Price
We are factory direct sales, which can save the cost of middlemen and maximize the profit to customers.

7.Cabinet Package

1500W Air Conditioner 19 inch Rack Packaging Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

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