Application and characteristics of outdoor communication cabinets

Application and characteristics of outdoor communication cabinets

In recent years, with the rapid development of the city, traffic pressure has been increasing. The government departments relieve the traffic pressure rely on modern science and technology and set up control cabinets with different manufacturers and functions at the intersections of each urban area, such as the signal light cabinet, electronic police cabinet, power distribution cabinet, outdoor communication cabinet, network cabinet, etc. However, there is no uniform size, specification, and construction standard for so many cabinets. With the increasing number of equipment cabinets at intersections , many problems are gradually expose. The uneven standards affect the appearance, the confusion of management in operation and maintenance units, the weak risk of anti-theft function, the lack of unified authority and responsibility,the uncontrollable equipment operation environment, the lack of remote intelligent centralized management and so on.

Based on the integrated design concept and Internet technology, BETE completed the cabinet design. The integrated cabinet effectively integrates the functional requirements and space requirements of other cabinets and has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, powerful function, flexible expansion, convenient installation, etc., which can meet the needs and greatly improve the city’s appearance. BETE outdoor communication energy-intelligent cabinet with its simple, intelligent, and efficient features helps operators to realize simple network deployment, energy saving of the whole network, efficient operation and maintenance, and smooth evolution in the future. The solution is a highly integrated, station monitoring system and hosting system, providing a safe and reliable energy supply and working environment for wireless coverage stations and transmission node stations.

Outdoor power cabinet, indoor communications cabinet

Outdoor cabinet application range: mobile communication station, outdoor shed, railway electronic cabinet, solar cell, electronic police, communication base station, outdoor air testing station, high-speed card pickup control cabinet, etc.

Difference between a traditional outdoor cabinet and an intelligent outdoor integrated cabinet.

  1. The electronic equipment of the communication outdoor cabinet will generate a lot of heat when working, which will cause the temperature in the cabinet to rise, reduce the service life of the electronic components and even the equipment will be down. Therefore, the temperature control equipment can be use to control the temperature in the cabinet to ensure the normal operation of the communication equipment, and improve the service life and reliability of the electronic equipment.            
  2. The temperature control equipment of communication outdoor cabinet adopts advanced refrigeration technology, efficient heat exchanger, intelligent control scheme, etc., to ensure energy-saving and reliable operation of a temperature control system. The product adopts the integrated anti-theft design and ensures the internal and external isolation of the cabinet, to improve the dust-proof and water-proof performance of the product.

Difference between an outdoor and indoor integrated cabinet      

The integrated cabinet can be divided into the outdoor integrated cabinet and indoor integrated cabinet according to the place of use. The outdoor integrated cabinet is mainly used in an outdoor environment, such as those installed on the side of the highway, park, roof, mountain area and flat ground, Base station equipment, power supply equipment, battery, temperature control equipment, transmission equipment and other supporting equipment can be installed in the cabinet, or installation space and heat exchange capacity can be reserved for the above equipment, which can provide reliable mechanical and environmental protection cabinet for normal operation of internal equipment. As the name implies, the indoor integrated cabinet is used for the cabinet of the indoor environment. The indoor cabinet is often regarded as the cabinet used to install IT equipment (mainly used for the machine room).

Difference between outdoor and indoor integrated cabinet

Difference between the outdoor and indoor integrated cabinet

Advantage of outdoor integrated cabinet

  1. Compared with the traditional cabinets and machine rooms, the outdoor integrated cabinet covers a small area, shortens the construction period, reduces the single path fault points among the functional modules, greatly improves the compatibility between the systems, and at the same time, maximizes the space utilization rate of the user’s machine room, and provides a small intelligent machine with more consistency, higher integration, higher management and scalability for users Housing system.       
  2. The outdoor integrated cabinet is mainly used for wireless communication base stations, power distribution, urban transportation, a new generation 4G, system communication, integrated network service access, transmission and exchange station, emergency communication transmission, etc. The hot-dip galvanize plate with a thickness of more than 1.5mm is adopted. Which is compose of the outer box body, inner metalwork, and accessories assembly. The cabinet is split into the equipment compartment and battery compartment according to its functions. The box has a compact structure, simple installation, excellent sealing performance, and remote centralized management function.

Features of outdoor integrated cabinet

  • The intelligent cabinet can remotely authorize the unlocking authority.  Remotely monitor and record the state of the door lock, the time of opening and closing.  The door lock and the information of the unlocking person.
  • There is a backup battery in the intelligent cabinet.  The intelligent lock can stand for one month in case of power failure, during which it can be unlocked normally.
  • The intelligent cabinet is a large capacity, multi-door structure, which is convenient for the installation and maintenance of internal equipment.
  • The external emergency power supply interface shall be reserve. And the internal equipment can be power through the external power supply system in case of power failure.
  • The box has the characteristics of dustproof, sunscreen and rainproof. Which can adapt to the outdoor environment in an all-round way.
  • The cabinet adopts AC air conditioning or heat exchange or semiconductor air conditioning. And direct air mixed cooling to achieve the constant temperature effect of the cabinet.
  • Standard AC or DC distribution unit (optional).
  • Each cabinet is equip with DC48V lighting lamps.
  • The cabinet has the power and environment monitoring functions. Which can realize the alarm and upload of power failure. Access control, temperature and humidity, smoke, water immersion, battery voltage, etc.; (optional)
  • Cabinet layout is reasonable, cable introduction, fixing, grounding and other operations are convenient, and maintenance is convenient; cabinet incoming line mode adopts lower incoming line, power line, signal line. And optical line have independent incoming cable holes, which will not interfere with each other.
  • The cables, rubber strips and insulation cotton that is use in the cabinet are design with flame-retardant materials.
  • Standard 19 “or 21” 23 “rack is adopted for the integrated outdoor cabinet of the base station. (optional)
  • Simpler and more efficient outdoor power supply scheme.
  • Simple station construction, compact system structure, cabinet support fast assembly. Support multi-channel energy input and output, location construction is more simple.
  • Intelligent operation and maintenance. Support comprehensive intelligent network energy monitoring, support mobile app, operation, and maintenance support system is more intelligent.
  • Simple upgrade, the fully modular design of power distribution, power and refrigeration, and simpler upgrade in the future.
  • Efficient operation, equipped with the industry’s excellent efficient rectifier module. Temperature control design, and site-level energy efficiency analysis management, more efficient operation.

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